April 29th is the birthday of the ".UZ" domain, a collaboration with the National Agency for Prospective Projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the Regulatory Sandbox for the project of integrating NFT-certificates for ".UZ" domains, and a Conference for registrars!

We congratulate everyone involved in the development and use of the national domain on this holiday!

Exactly 28 years ago, on April 29, 1995, the ".UZ" domain was officially assigned to our country.

The national domain ".UZ" has significantly accelerated the processes of digitization and integration of Uzbekistan's websites into the global internet space. The domain has become home to government, business, educational institutions, personal blogs, and various community websites.

Ensuring integrity and minimizing risks with DNSSEC is what allows ".UZ" website users not to worry about security and increases trust from international internet communities.

But birthdays are never without gifts! That's why the "The Single Integrator UZINFOCOM" has prepared a surprise for all national domain users.

In collaboration with the National Agency for Prospective Projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan, for the first time in Uzbekistan, owners of ".UZ" domain names will be able to receive NFT-certificates based on distributed data registry technology (blockchain) for the entire duration of the domain! This will provide additional protection, security for online assets, strengthen trust in ".UZ" domain names, and increase their number in the market!

It is important that NFT-certificates become a reliable tool to help protect domain names from fraud.

The project was presented today, April 28th, by the "The Single Integrator UZINFOCOM" during the Conference with registrars in celebration of the ".UZ" domain birthday.

As of now, the service for issuing NFT-certificates will be tested within the Special Regulation Mode in the field of crypto-assets circulation (established by the Agency for Prospective Projects) between registrars and the ".UZ" domain administration. After testing and commissioning work on the servers, the project will be launched for all users. To get acquainted with the work, you can visit our website:

We hope that you, like our entire team, will be eagerly awaiting the official launch of this project!

For reference:

The ".UZ" domain administration takes necessary measures to decentralize, increase transparency, and improve the quality of domain name registration and support services. It carries out large-scale work to stimulate the creation and development of information resources in the national segment of the Internet.

Registration, administration, and use of domain names in the ".UZ" domain are regulated by the Regulation on the Procedure for Registration and Use of Domain Names in the ".UZ" Domain (reg. MJ No. 1830 dated June 23, 2008). This document establishes the procedure for registering and using domain names in the ".UZ" domain, regulates the relations of persons whose activities directly affect domain names, and provides reliable protection against unlawful actions and effective regulation of the ".UZ" domain.

The main focus of the ".UZ" domain administration lies in the technical support of the ".UZ" domain DNS servers, located at various points on provider networks, including abroad, for quality resolving of ".UZ" domain names, maintaining services for convenient control over registration terms, creating a competitive environment in the market and improving the quality of registration services, as well as interacting with international organizations such as ICANN, IANA, APTLD, RIPE NCC, and others on domain name policy and activities in the global community.

Happy Birthday UZNET!